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What to expect

Haven Center provides free, confidential counseling, support and education for pregnant women. Free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds help determine viability and dates. We also provide STI testing, an important step for your health if you think you are pregnant or if you're considering abortion.

Facing an unexpected pregnancy? We’re here to share more about abortion, adoption, and parenting, and share all the options and resources available to you. Find the care you need in a compassionate, pressure-free, discreet, and professional environment.​

Your appointment at Haven Center

First, breathe.

Many feelings and emotions come along with the thought that you might be pregnant. We are here to help you navigate through this time, making informed and rational decisions. The first step will be a conversation with a client advocate.

Free test.

After your confidential visit with one of our advocates, you will take a free, lab-quality pregnancy test.

Be informed.

The next step will be to discuss the results of your pregnancy test. If your test is positive, your advocate will discuss your options with you: abortion, parenting, or adoption. 


If your test is positive, we will schedule an ultrasound to confirm you have a viable pregnancy and determine how far along you are.

What Should I Bring?

We recommend bringing a photo ID, however, it is not required for us to serve you. All our services and consultations are confidential to the fullest extent of the law.

Do I Need Insurance?

No, you do not need to provide proof of insurance and we do not take insurance information at your options consultation appointment or for any of our medical or support services. All our services are provided at no cost to you.

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